Kim Kardashian Has A Boob-iful Birthday In Vegas With Kanye West & Family

Kim Kardashian and her girls - and we're not talking about her sisters - celebrated BIG time in Las Vegas for her birthday! The new momma took her knockers out for the night in a revealing white outfit while partying it up for her 33rd birthday in Las ...
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Kanye West Calls John Legend ‘the Next Stevie Wonder’

4 days ago @ *Kanye West only had kind words for his once protégé John Legend as he toasted him during his 36th birthday party recently, while their wives Kim Kardashian and Chrissy Teigen stood next to them. “A gentleman, a very well-mannered human being right here,” West spoke about Legend. “I’m trying to get some pointers from him. […]

Kim Kardashian Had a Ski Holiday With Kanye West and Mini Family Reunion

6 days ago @ Looking like a little snow bunny, Kim, hubby Kanye West, and several other couples went on a little ski trip over the weekend in Deer Valley, Utah, to celebrate her BFF Allison Azoff's birthday. At first uncomfortable having to wear a huge ski helmet ...

Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Slam Feud Reports After Being Spotted On

1 week ago @ Kim Kardashian and her husband Kanye West have finally been spotted together with Jay-Z and Beyonce last Friday, Jan. 16. The two couples were seen leaving the same West Hollywood restaurant just minutes apart from each other after spending over two ...

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Earlier this week, Kanye West made a surprise appearance at the iHeartMedia Music Summit to preview a new duet with Rihanna. That song, “Four Five Seconds,” has arrived online, and though [...]
2015-01-26 23:58:59 UTC (16 hours ago) - Read more
During an interview with The Breakfast Club last year, the 26-year-old stated Kanye West and Lil Wayne will also make cameos on the record. In addition to that, Big Sean [...]
2015-01-26 20:51:28 UTC (19 hours ago) - Read more
Of the three people featured on “FourFiveSeconds,” Rihanna's new song with Paul McCartney and Kanye West, two are regularly held up as paragons of artistic genius and one is Rihanna. [...]
2015-01-26 16:27:53 UTC (1 day ago) - Read more
012515_kanye_west_launch Kanye West had a sweet moment when he arrived in D.C. Sunday ... a fan wanted him to sign a pic of his bride on their wedding day ... problem is, the guy had the wrong [...]
2015-01-26 15:33:57 UTC (1 day ago) - Read more
Last night, BET filmed the 2015 BET Honors awards show with Kanye West taking home the Visionary Award. West was actually in the building to accept his prize which was handed to him by Dame Dash [...]
2015-01-26 14:56:39 UTC (1 day ago) - Read more
Over the weekend, Kanye West was honored at this year's 2015 BET Honor Awards, which are scheduled to air Feb. 23 on BET. West received the Visionary Award, which was presented to him with a [...]
2015-01-26 12:15:20 UTC (1 day ago) - Read more
Rihanna releases new single ft Kanye West and Paul ... The Independent: The stripped-back track called 'Four Five Seconds' features Rihanna on vocals while The Beatles star McCartney [...]
2015-01-26 11:19:21 UTC (1 day ago) - Read more
Titled "FourFiveSeconds," the bare-bones tune is a slight departure for the Barbados beauty
2015-01-25 23:34:32 UTC (1 day ago) - Read more
On Saturday afternoon, the 26-year-old singer dropped the latest track from her upcoming eighth studio album featuring the talents of Kanye West and Paul McCartney. With an excited tweet -- "FIRST [...]
2015-01-25 23:28:04 UTC (1 day ago) - Read more
Rihanna is best known for dance hits like “Umbrella” and “Only Girl (In the World),” but her latest track might fit in better at a bonfire sing-along than at the club. An acoustic duet with [...]
2015-01-25 21:23:28 UTC (1 day ago) - Read more
Kanye West must have had a good time at the 2015 BET Honors show - because he managed a SMILE when he left. We were stunned when we saw photographs of the Yeezus rapper smirking as he strolled [...]
2015-01-25 21:23:10 UTC (1 day ago) - Read more
Kanye West has no right to tell a jury the photog who's suing him is the very same guy who Britney Spears famously attacked with an umbrella ... at least that's what the photog is banking [...]
2015-01-25 20:55:46 UTC (1 day ago) - Read more
Now that Kanye West's fans have all familiarised themselves with this Englishman called Paul McCartney, the rapper has unveiled another track he recorded with the former Beatle.
2015-01-25 20:33:18 UTC (1 day ago) - Read more
McCartney and West began work on "Only One" earlier last year in Los Angeles, starting with, as the statement notes, "a simple brainstorming session between the two, with McCartney improvising on [...]
2015-01-25 19:42:18 UTC (1 day ago) - Read more
From the looks of it, Kanye West and Paul McCartney have formed a musical bromance. After joining forces for Kanye West’s “Only One,” the rock legend and hip-hop multi hyphenate might just be [...]
2015-01-25 18:07:04 UTC (1 day ago) - Read more
Is it being a tired new dad to little North or is there some other reason that Kanye West always has demeanour of a disenfranchised Rottweiler. Now we know... Share; Share; Tweet; +1; Email. Cheer [...]
2015-01-25 17:56:48 UTC (1 day ago) - Read more
The singer just wants to make it back home by Monday morning.
2015-01-25 16:49:56 UTC (1 day ago) - Read more
In news regarding people-we-don't-usually-include-in-the-same-sentence, Rihanna and Kanye West have teamed up with Paul McCartney to create an acoustic song. It's called [...]
2015-01-25 16:49:33 UTC (1 day ago) - Read more
Kanye West was among the recipients of the BET Honors awards this year, as the network presented him with a Visionary Award . Selected for his “extraordinary contributions across the arts,” [...]
2015-01-25 15:52:52 UTC (2 days ago) - Read more
Kanye West was among the recipients of the BET Honors awards this year, as the network presented him with a Visionary Award. Selected for his “extraordinary contributions across the arts,” Yeezy [...]
2015-01-25 15:46:39 UTC (2 days ago) - Read more